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SPIF Certification

SPIF Certification

Marshall Truck & Trailer Repair ensures your truck certification with the Ontario Highway Traffic Act is compliant, lift axle Regulation 413/05 outlines weights and dimensions for “Safe, Productive and Infrastructure Friendly” (SPIF) commercial vehicles in Ontario. 

Safe, Productive, Infrastructure-Friendly (SPIF) regulations minimize heavy truck damage to roads and bridges. Highway Traffic Act regulations are now causing migration to 31 SPIF alternatives. Each has its own schedule in the regulation describing the vehicle, its axles, suspension and other required equipment as well as required dimensions and allowable weights. SPIF vehicles can have any body style and carry any commodity. There are no weight reductions for carrying products like sand or gravel. (mto.gov.on.ca – SPIF FAQ)

An Ontario-wide standard for commercial vehicles designed to further increase highway safety, improve commercial vehicle productivity and reduce road/bridge damage caused by heavy vehicles.

  • SPIF regulations define how any truck purchased from July 1, 2011 – onward has to be built to get maximum payload in Ontario.
  • To achieve maximum output, a load-equalizing steerable lift axle is used. If going with a lift axle; this combination gives you the most allowable payload.
  • You can still have a tandem unit or twin steer under the regulations, but would not have the desirable outcome. You can still choose a non-steer, but this configuration greatly reduces the payload.

SPIF defines multiple measurement requirements that have to be met in all configurations.

Marshall Truck and Trailer Repair Ltd. is a registered vehicle manufacturer with Transport Canada, permitting us to certify frame, chasse, and suspension modifications on trucks and trailers – ensuring they are in compliance with all Transport Canada SPIF Regulations.