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Discover Convenience and Savings at Marshall Fuels Truck Stop

Fuel Savings Card, Truck Fleet Hamilton

Fuel up with confidence and save at Marshall Fuels Petro Pass, your premier destination for top-quality diesel fuel. Conveniently nestled just off the QEW in Hamilton, Ontario, at the junction of the QEW and the Red Hill Valley Parkway, our truck stop offers unparalleled convenience for drivers on the go.

Diesel Fuel Site & Petro Pass Cardlock

At Marshall Fuels, we're proud to offer more than just fuel – we provide convenience and peace of mind to truck drivers around the clock. Our Diesel Fuel Site features a Petro Pass Cardlock system, ensuring that drivers have access to high-quality diesel fuel whenever they need it, day, or night.

Experience hassle-free refuelling and enjoy competitive prices on diesel fuel, all while taking advantage of our comprehensive amenities and services. Whether you're a local driver or passing through the area, Marshall Fuels is your trusted partner for a smooth journey on the road.

Extras We Offer

  • We’re open 24/7 if you use Petro Pass™ card or a Marshall Fuels Ltd. card.
  • We also accept T-Chek™, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, debit cards and cash.
  • 2 cents a litre discount with debit
  • Fleet discount pricing available 

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What is a Petro Pass Cardlock?

A Petro Pass Cardlock is a secure and convenient way for commercial drivers to access fuel at designated locations. With a PetroPass Card, drivers can simply swipe their card at the pump to authorize fueling, eliminating the need for cash transactions, or waiting in line at fuel stations. This not only saves time but also adds an extra layer of security for drivers and fleet managers. Apply For a PetroPass Card today. 

Available 24 Hours a Day and 7 Days a Week

Our Petro Pass Cardlock system is available 24 hours a day, providing truck drivers with the flexibility to refuel on their own schedule. Whether it's the middle of the night or during peak hours, truck drivers and fleets can count on Marshall Fuels to keep them moving with reliable access to fuel. Plus, each fuel pump lane is equipped with a DEF Fluid Dispenser.

Unlock Exclusive Benefits with a Marshall Fuels Card! 

Elevate your refueling experience with the Marshall Fuels Fuel Card. By signing up for our card, you gain access to a host of perks designed to enhance your journey. Enjoy discounts on diesel fuel, plus exclusive access to our private driver’s lounge, rejuvenating showers, a cozy café, and other convenient amenities.

Ready to enjoy the benefits of a Marshall Fuels Card? Simply download and complete the Marshall Fuels Fuel Card Application and bring it with you during your next visit. Experience the ultimate convenience and savings with Marshall Fuels – your trusted partner on the road!

Download Marshall Fuels Card Application » 

Conveniently situated just off the QEW in Hamilton, Ontario, Marshall Fuels serves as your premier truck stop destination. Whether you're passing through or making a stop in the area, our location ensures easy access for your refuelling needs. Experience the value of convenience and efficiency with Marshall Fuels – your trusted partner on the road.