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Sharing the Rewards of Success

The Gerald Marshall Centre For Transportation

Following the lead of Gerald and Anna Marshall, the next generation of the Marshall Family holds a very strong commitment to giving back.

Giving Back Where It Counts

Many people ask us why we have chosen to make philanthropy a major part of our business initiatives. We explain it was our parents, Gerald and Anna Marshall who instilled in us a love for learning, an appreciation for working hard, and a belief in giving back and sharing the rewards of success.

It was our upbringing and that led us to honour our father’s legacy. We chose to support Mohawk College, as they train and inspire apprentices, and students seeking a career in the skilled trades – what better way to honour his legacy, by supporting those following in our father’s footsteps.

Marshall Truck & Trailer Repair Ltd. and Marshall Fuels Ltd. proudly supports the trades, the college, and our community. We hope our gifts instill the same sense of pride in the people who train, learn and work here, and that our gift helps attracts students to study at Mohawk; the largest trainer of apprentices in Ontario.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Mohawk College for honouring our father, and for allowing the Marshall family to leave a living legacy for the next generation.


  • Mohawk College is the largest trainer of apprentices in Ontario, with more than 4,500 apprentices and students enrolled in 17 apprentice programs and 19 certificate and diploma programs at the Stoney Creek Campus.
  • In 2006 the Marshall family’s donation, supporting construction and renovations at the Stoney Creek campus, was the largest private gift given to Mohawk College.
  • In 2010, Mohawk named the Gerald Marshall Centre for Transportation in honor of the late Gerald Marshall who founded a trucking company and helped open Marshall Truck & Trailer Repair Ltd. in Hamilton.

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