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Truck & Trailer Wash

Marshall Fuels Truck Wash Hamilton

Our conveniently located Truck & Trailer Wash in Hamilton, just off the QEW, helps you look good on the road.

Your truck & trailer will be washed with professional detail!

Marshall Fuels Ltd. offers hand washing of your truck and trailer and will accommodate any vehicle configuration.

Our facility features two 135-foot-long truck wash bays to clean your truck and trailer.

We’ll make your truck shine, with top of the line products, helping you take care of your equipment.

Every washout will receive a thorough washing of all inside walls, floor, and doors with warm, high-pressure, soapy water.

Our water temperature is 90 to 110 degrees and our pressure is 1,000 to 1,500 PSI.

Popular Services

  • Aluminum brightening - *extra
  • Engine de-greasing
  • Tractor & trailer wash
  • Rolling full trailer brush unit for vans, roll tarp units
  • Automated wheel refinishing

*See chart below for a full list of services and prices.

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Full List of Truck & Trailer Wash Services
*Truck wash will accommodate any vehicle configuration.

Description Price
Daycab Tractor $55.00
Tractor with Sleeper Bunk $65.00
Tractor - Rinse Only $45.00
Flatbed Trailer $55.00
Lugger Tractor $65.00
Dump Truck Rinse $55.00
Van Trailer $60.00
Curtain Side/ Slider Kit Trailer $60.00
Rack & Tarp Trailer $60.00
End Dump Trailer $75.00
Tanker Trailer $75.00
Garbage Trailer $85.00
Scrap Hauler Trailer $85.00
Live Bottom Trailer $75.00
Car Crusher Trailer $85.00
Lugger Trailer $70.00
Lumber/ Logging Trailer $80.00
Car/ Horse Trailer Over 24' $45.00
Car/ Horse Trailer Under 24' $38.00
Trailer - Rinse Only $40.00
Hopper Trailer $85.00
Float Trailer $60.00
Car Hauler $80.00
Bulk Hopper $80.00
Triaxle Dump Truck $85.00
Triaxle Dump Truck with Pup Trailer $125.00
Trailer Washout $55.00
Deck Wash $55.00
Deck Wash with Acid $125.00
Hopper Washout $60.00
Cube Van $40.00
Sprinter $40.00
Tow Truck/ Tilt & Load $50.00
Straight Truck $60.00
Vacuum Truck $75.00
Heavy Tow Truck $85.00
Triaxle Tank Truck $80.00
Mid Size Tow $70.00
Cement Mixer/Stoneslinger $90.00
Engine Wash $25.00
Pickup Truck $30.00
Small Tow Truck $30.00
Car $25.00
Coach/ Bus $1.85/FT
Camper/ RV $1.85/FT

Aluminum Brightening (Acid Wash)

Description Price
Rims/ Wheels $4.50
Fuel Tanks $10.00
Battery/ Tool Boxes $7.00
Moose Bumper/ Headache Rack $20.00
Deck Plates/ Fenders $8.00
Miscellaneous $8.00
Headboard $20.00
Acid Wash 48' Trailer $150.00
Acid Wash End Dump Trailer $200.00
Acid Wash Tanker Trailer $265.00
Garbage Trailer $250.00
Rim Polish $85.00